General conditions of sale

Acceptance of the General Conditions

Just the fact of using the RENT HOLIDAY website implies pure and simple acceptance of the General Conditions.

The user and the owners must control and accept them each time they connect to the RENT HOLIDAY publication website. As such, any modification in these terms can be made at any time by the parent company Rent-Cannes.

Definitions of the conditions of use of the RENT HOLIDAY website

The website is the property of the Company Rent-Cannes, with their registered office in 9 Rue Jean Jaurès 06400 Cannes. Users and owners recognise that the entire RENT HOLIDAY web contents belong to the company Rent-Cannes and that any copy or unauthorised use may lead to prosecution.

Rent-Cannes has a consultation service with an advert and tools bank allowing the management of rental adverts and holiday rentals which is available for private and professional owners.

The company Rent-Cannes reserves the right to amend or delete all adverts that do not conform to their rules and regulations. This will be done without warning or compensation.

User and owner

This refers to a private individual, an agency, or any other person or legal entity offering and searching for seasonal rental of goods that meet the different selections offered by the RENT HOLIDAY website

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all information is correct and to respect the rights and customs in effect in their own country and on an international level.

The user is aware of the fact that he/she is susceptible to the risks associated with data transmission via internet. The user recognises as well that the company Rent-Cannes, through their RENT HOLIDAY website, is not able to control any of the information on their website.

How does the advert databank work?

The adverts are composed by the owners directly on the RENT HOLIDAY website. The owner can amend them at any time. As such, Rent-Cannes cannot monitor them and cannot be held responsible for any false information displayed in the RENT HOLIDAY website.

The adverts will be published for the subscribed period at the time of subscription to the website and in accordance with the conditions described in the internal headings. At the end of this subscription period, they will automatically be transferred to the "Trial" heading for private individuals, or "Performance" for professionals. The owner or representative can stop this new publication at any time from their personal administration area.

Under these conditions, Rent-Cannes will take 10% of the file charges that the client will pay, which will be deducted from the owner’s booking amount.

Under no circumstances will this amount be reimbursed if for one reason or another the booking is no longer possible. The client will have to request the reimbursement of these file charges from the owner.

Limitation of our responsibility

Under no circumstances will we intervene in transactions between owners and clients. In the case of "Trial and Performance" offers, the file charges are considered as compensation by Rent-Cannes for the use of the RENT HOLIDAY publication and management system.

We recommend that you take the necessary precautions when making transactions and that you signal any illicit content to us.

Rent-Cannes will nevertheless do their best to make sure that no text or other element that contradicts commercial interests or morals is published on the RENT HOLIDAY website.

Rent-Cannes, through their RENT HOLIDAY website has a limited obligation and cannot be held responsible for any act where damages are pursued by the owner and the client.

Only advertisers can be held responsible in the case of a claim.

Personal data

The user has a right to access, modify, delete or oppose the transfer of his/her data, which can be exercised by simple request to the e-mail address
In case of dispute about the general conditions of use, for lack of amicable agreement between the parties, the matter will be handled by the Court of Cannes (France).

These conditions and notes are subject French law.